Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Art Fence Continues

A few weeks back we started working on another panel in the fence. This is a spot that will probably get made into a gate eventually, but for now, we had a piece of plywood up to keep Mooka in. Not pretty.

Better now that it's becoming the scene down in the meadow, with geese taking shape where we wish there could be real waterfowl waddling around (if it weren't for those dang coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and mountain lions).

Lately Andrew has been concentrating more on making fish (among other things), and hadn't gone back to the geese for awhile.

Today he was in production, painting a number of fish at once, but of course, I was not satisfied. The geese needed attention! So he found a solution: combine them. Talk about multi-tasking.


  1. Cool, Merry Christmas to you both! Stay dry.

  2. Thank you Janet! You too!!

  3. Hey we love our fish! It's hanging in the kitchen and caught the attention of our kitty Jafar.
    Geese can be pretty fierce too, but probably wouldn't stand a chance unless they had a flight option. Does Mooka like her fence?

  4. That's sooo pretty!
    Thanks for the calendar notebook, I love all the designs and I write in it everyday!

  5. Thanks Gnome and Slammy! Glad you're liking the fish and notebook, and glad you're writing Slammy! Watch out for those ducks, they can be pretty fierce too.

    I think Mooka does like her fence. She's not challenging it, and hasn't tried to seek revenge on us so far. Now she just waits for us to leave a gate open. It's a lot better though.