Sunday, December 12, 2010

Art Fence

In the past few months, our mischievous Aussie, Mooka, has discovered a wanderlust within herself. Andrew has been working for years to build a fence around our house and barn, but it was not quite complete.

We made it a long way with grape stakes, but there were some gaps and unfinished spots, soooo... Andrew got busy, tightening up some openings, and finishing the last remaining section. Since we were mostly out of grape stakes, we scrounged. Out of the pile came some big ole' 2x4s and metal roofing from the chicken coops. It's a semi-industrial area, between the barn, the driveway, the well, and propane tank.

So far it has kept Mooka in. But there was still one was ugly. Perfect! It fit right in.

No—that wouldn't do. Back to work. The blank panels became a barnyard full of geese. And on the back, a garden, blooming in the winter, where none would grow.

For inspiration, we used a painting of geese and ducks by Jean Rose, who was a friend of Andrew's mom, Mary Helen. (Her husband, Jasper Rose, along with Mary Holmes, were among the founding professors at UCSC—Cowell College, where Andrew and I met. I found this link to some photos of them, and a great story, but none of Jean so far.) We love this painting, done in 1976, and it's usually hung in my studio.

Many years ago, in his training as a medic, Andrew was able to assist Jean after an accident near her hillside home, on Ocean St. Extension in Santa Cruz. He always felt a connection with her after that. Plus, her renderings of geese are masterful.

Think of it as a holiday card, without the envelope. It's not done yet, so check back to see our progress. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Those are beautiful! I hope to come and see the ranch sometime. I am sure it is amazing.

  2. Thanks!! I hope you come visit sometime too.