Monday, January 31, 2011

Suspect on the run in Bonny Doon

About an hour ago Andrew came in asking me to “check the log,” meaning, since he heard helicopter rotor noise upslope from us that made him think something was going on. He thought it sounded like they were doing a search pattern. I checked the log. Nothing was posted. Simultaneously, two CHP cruisers jammed up the hill, no lights or sirens.

Andrew reported it to our brigade leader. We could smell smoke, but it's burn season, so that's fairly normal. While we were discussing it, another CHP car blew by, and then like a black and white locomotive, two more.

We later learned they’re looking for two suspects with helicopters and bloodhounds. As you can see we're within their pattern.

We'll keep a keen eye out tonight.

The story just got posted on the Sentinel:

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  1. Batten down the hatches. Keep pepper spray handy.
    Wow, look at that blue sky, is it warm?