Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Mud Fish

#4. Calico rockfish {in a bad mood]:
Up to 9 inches. Light brown with darker, dusky streaks on back, some crossing lateral line; belly lighter; dark brown to blackish streaks radiating from eye; fins dusky. Occurs San Diego to Pt. Arena. Not abundant.

#5. KelpPerch:
8 inches. Occurs San Quintin Bay to British Columbia in shallow water usually where there is an abundance of sea vegetation.

#6. Garibaldi:
Ocean goldfish. Distinguished from all other fishes along our coast by the brilliant, orange coloring which covers the whole body. Pt. Conception to Todos Santos Bay, Baja California. Abundant entire range. Illegal to take in any manner.

#7. (California) lizardfish:
Long slender body resembles a lizard. San Francisco to San Quintin Bay in moderately shallow water. Not common. Taken incidentally by anglers fishing for other forms. Edible [though must be extremely crunchy].

Fish facts from How to Fish the Pacific Coast by Ray Cannon.

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