Friday, August 24, 2007

Beware of Duck

Popsey and I still have not come to agreement over our interpretations of behavior displayed by Jacques the Duck.

He continues to insist that it is not "anger," "rage," or "fury," yet, does he have a better explanation? Well, if you consider "It's just instincts" to be a good enough explanation, then maybe you're satisfied. But, I wanted to delve further into the mystery.

I placed myself in the line of fire to demonstrate the process of what could possibly be perceived as inciting a duck to anger. Maybe there is a duck expert out there who will read this and provide a better explanation for us.

It starts innocently enough, with an offering of lettuce. This is fresh organic red leaf lettuce, one of their favorites. There should be nothing to complain about here. Maybe it's a tad wilted. Nevertheless, Enzo, the goose, is more than willing to sample some.

While Enzo continues to take bites of the lettuce, Jacques hangs back, eyeing me suspiciously. ["That's not suspiciously!" Popsey objects.]

Enzo chews, dipping his leaves in the water. Jacques swims forward to give me a stern quacking.

Enzo is really quite a charming fellow. Jacques looks at me askance.

They both draw back, Enzo appearing concerned. He's probably thinking "Hey Lady, you better watch out. I'd be backing up if I was you. This duck over here is getting pret-ty mad."

Uh oh... Jacques is glaring at me, and his head starts trembling. Normally, I'd step away at this point, but for the purposes of this "duckumentary," I force the issue and offer one...more....piece...of lettuce....oh dear....

I've really done it now. Jacques begins the wind-up, swimming in rapid counterclockwise circles chanting "Quack-Quackity. Quack-Quackity. Quack-Quackity. Quack."

Enzo's toenails make a skittering noise against the bottom of the pool as he desperately tries to get out of the way. Jacques takes aim.



  1. Maybe he doesn't like red lettuce.

  2. Brilliant! Then I can understand that. Did you learn that from the "Ducks for Dummies" book?

  3. Yep, it's in chapter 15. They also like egg salad. But you'll have to read the book to find out how they like it prepared!