Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Goose diapers?

Mr. Enzo the goose seems to be learning from the duck that it's great fun to chase after and peck me. I adore the dear creatures, but can't help but I sending them the wrong message with my reactions? We could definitely use a "goose whisperer" around here, and fast.

Searching the web for "goose training tips" wasn't turning up anything helpful, but then I came upon this.

"This," if you don't feel like clicking on the link, is a website which advocates outfitting your waterfowl in diapers, thereby making it possible to form a deeper relationship with your bird. Once diapered, they can be welcomed into your house, on your couch, and even in your bed.

Quote from The Goose Mother website: "Diapering your duck, goose or chicken is the first step to enjoying the rewarding experience of living with one of these amazing creatures."

Could this be the answer to our behavior issues?

What do you think Popsey? Want to try it?




He's ignoring me.


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  2. It works for our baby, why not?