Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mud Fish

Popsey has begun a new series of mortal, moral, mortar fish. The first one was a fake fish with cartoony features, and they have been gradually getting more fishy as he goes, each one taking on a personality and life of its own.

Fish facts from How to Fish the Pacific Coast by Ray Cannon.

#1, untitled

#2, Bocaccio:
Bocaccio means "big mouth." British Columbia to San Diego in deep water. One of the most abundant rockfishes south of Pt. Conception.

#3, Cabezan:
Up to 30 in.; 25 lbs. Alaska to San Quintin Bay near mouth of streams and among rocks year round. Abundant whole range. Feeds on the bottom. Considered by many the best food fish of all. Roe of Cabezan is toxic.

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