Sunday, March 25, 2007


My "work" is a lot like fishin'. I really never know what I'll get. The other day it went from being cable TV/phone guy (Jim Carey), to my alter ego, Hector the plumber, jetting out the bathroom lave drain. After lunch, I did carpentry. You could start out for salmon, and end up with rockfish. What the hell is going on down there?

Sooo…somedays it's foggy and the traps are untouched…such was the case today.

SKUNKED. The set-up looked so promising last night, but today, nada. This is the manic nature of our hunting/gathering ways.

Oh well, time to eat breakfast and go re-set the traps.



  1. Popsey,

    That was always the story for us with traps. We used those traps that look like a bear claw, not that I've ever seen a bear claw and doubt it looks much like one, but you know the ones.

    Good luck!

    Wifey letting you post on her site, is she?

  2. hee hee hee!!

    It's one of the few things I have complete control over (since he doesn't "do" a computer). But if he really begs...