Monday, March 26, 2007

Virtual Unknown Springs into
3rd place in Gopher Derby

Popsey got the camaraderie he was hoping for. He was out checking his traps this afternoon in the rain, and caught one down by the bee hives.

He was resetting the trap in the same hole, and Mooka stole the gopher. She ran around the barnyard with it, taunting him to catch her, then dropped it by the front gate. The commotion attracted Tikah, our neighbors' husky.

Once things settled down they all went to check the remaining traps, which were empty, but Tikah pulled a surprise move and dug up a rodent of her own.

She killed it and presented it to Popsey (he has been giving her a lot of biscuits lately). Good girl.

This is a real win-win scenario. Thanks Tikah! Welcome to the derby.

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