Friday, March 23, 2007

Interview with the Gopher Derby Frontrunner

Our most successful trapper in Gopher Derby 2007 to date, Popsey, has offered to share some of his innermost secrets (as long as he gets bragging rights) for an interview.

Ranch Journal: How does it feel to have trapped 21 gophers in just under three months?

Popsey: Kinda gross (scrunching up face). But it did feel good to get my biggest gopher yet the other day.

RJ: What motivates you to keep doing this day after day?

P: Gophers are very persistent critters, and they’ve been taking a lot of my plants. At a certain point they took one too many, and I snapped.

RJ: So would you call this a personal vendetta?

P: (long pause, giggling) What was the question again?

RJ: The personal vendetta?

P: Not all gophers are bad. I have learned from my neighbor Mike who knows a lot about permaculture, that boring rodents do aerate the soil while they’re eating our plants. And when it really rains (not that it has this year), their runs serve to transport water from the surface. But, you’re right, I do hate their guts.

RJ: What’s your secret to getting an average of seven gophers a month?

P: Well, the Black Hole gopher traps are obvious. There are some fine points. Gloves are essential, covering the hole completely is also important, and lately I’ve been using a little sprinkle of chicken manure to cover my scent (which resulted in a personal best).

RJ: Do you have any other comments, since this is your 15 seconds of fame?

P: Long pause. What was the question?

Oh! Yeah. Just that it’s a great honor to be holding the lead in Gopher Derby 07. We haven’t been getting too many other entries. When I used to salmon fish, camaraderie was a big part of it, so I’d like to encourage you all to join in by sending in your stats (photos not necessary but appreciated) and we’ll enter you in the derby. which runs throughout 2007. Special thanks to Mooka who got the whole thing going.

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  1. Well just wait... SRC will be in Denver trapping, shooting and will join the race in about a month.
    We only have a acre there, in Denver, so doubt he will come close to beating popseys record. lol