Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Frog on a blog

Now that there are some vacancies in the gopher holes, new species are moving in. We like them a lot better.

What we have around here is “spontaneous frog combustion." Our first day living here, Popsey dug a small pond below the spring to water the dogs. The very next day, Popsey found two tadpoles swimming in the pond.

Since then we’ve dug more ponds, and each year we watch for the jellied pods to show up, which attach to the undersides of the plants. At a certain point we come out to see hundreds of tadpoles swimming around. This time of year there seems to be mainly full-grown frogs. At night there is quite a cacophony of croaking.

There is one frog who lives outside my office window. You have to set up your own routines when you work at home, and one of mine has been to keep working whenever I hear the office frog croaking. If he/she croaks early in the morning, I run in and turn on the computer. If he/she croaks late, I work late (I have no idea how to tell if a frog is a he or a she). This explains why, if you call my office first thing in the morning, you might think my voice sounds a little croaky. In fact, the frog is taking on the position of morning receptionist. Frogs are very industrious and I’m grateful to have such a hardworking frog in the business.

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  1. As a die-hard froggy fan, I'm so glad to hear the froggy is your mascot! You couldn't be in better hands!!