Sunday, February 11, 2007

At last...a header!

You may have noticed a new addition to this blog. I have finally succeeded in understanding enough HTML to stick a header at the top of the page. I hope y'all like it. This picture is the view from the top of our property on a good day (a lot of the time it's too foggy on the coast to see water).

From day one of choosing this "Minima" template and writing the first post, I have been vexed by my inability to create a blog template, or at least some sort of header for the page besides that boring rectangle. I’m a graphic designer by profession, for print. I even took a web design class way back in the 90's, when it seemed like paper was going out of style. But this HTML thing does not come easy for me. Is it a generational thing?

I finally had some free time this weekend while it was raining like crazy outside, and decided to give it another try. Yesterday I spent several frustrating hours and still could not do it. Overnight a few more ideas occurred to me, so I was back at it again today. After several more hours of brain-strain, I have reached success. I can do it now. I feel young again. They can go ahead and get rid of paper now.

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  1. My secret? Steal someone's page layout HTML that you like and change stuff.