Friday, August 14, 2009

Lockheed Fire Morning Update

Last night CalFire was reporting 2800 acres burned, 0% containment. This morning we are at over 4000 acres, and 5% containment.

The atmosphere changed a lot overnight. By dark the smoke had mellowed out significantly from the photos I just posted. The orange was not visible anymore, and the plume had settled down to almost resemble fog over the treetops.

By morning the smoke and ash had descended, and the sky was strangely hazy at sunrise. Now it is extremely smoky out—probably best to wear a mask outside.

The predicted wind has everyone nervous. Most of the neighbors on our road seem to have stayed. We’re in radio and phone contact with neighbors on two sides.

Last night a police car came in through the upper gate, drove down the driveway. We were at the back of the meadow, unloading trash into the trailer. They drove into the meadow and approached us.

They had puzzled expressions on their faces. After questioning us, the story came out that they were chasing a roadblock runner, and were sure they had seen it come into our driveway.

Not so, we insisted.

The roads are all closed for inward bound traffic.

At this point we’re not leaving, because we don’t want to be unnecessarily stranded away from this place that needs us.

We’re deciding what to as we go, and we’ll keep you posted as much as possible.

Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts.

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