Friday, August 14, 2009

Lockheed Fire Photos

Yesterday afternoon the quantity of smoke increased and became orange.

Then six or more airplanes began flying in low circles over our house and into the smoke. From our vantage point it was an incredible airshow.

The planes seemed to have an affect, and after awhile the smoke calmed down considerably.

The sun setting into the fire was a brilliant orange.

These last photos are the sky this morning, which is smoky, but not in such a visible plume, with occasional glimpses of blue. At the moment it is fairly still with a mild breeze.


  1. mimimom11:30 AM

    Glad to see that things on Martin Rd look nice and cool! Hope it stays that way since it's not very contained yet . . .

  2. mimimom11:32 AM

    BTW, do you guys have enough food, milk etc to get you through the evacuation road blocks?? do we need to sling shot something over the mountain?? Let us know!

  3. Thanks so much mimimom. We're okay for now. Tom Armstrong made a mercy food delivery yesterday. I'm leaving town for my brother's wedding, so Andrew will stay here as long as possible. Thank you thank you thank you!