Thursday, May 28, 2009

Snake Eyes

On Tuesday a load of base rock was delivered, to put under the new water tank we were having installed on Wednesday (story on that to come). But first there was a pile of wood to be moved. As Andrew was removing pieces, he spotted a snake.

I heard him calling and came out with the camera. It was hard for me to see at first until it moved, and then the unmistakeable patterned skin came into focus.

While we watched it slithered into a hole. Andrew pulled off more pieces of wood, and there we discovered a second, coiled snake.

As I was getting these first shots, the rumble of an approaching truck signaled the arrival of Graniterock and driver Mike. Back in the day, he delivered a load of pea gravel to fill in the hole the underground gas tank came out of while we were in escrow (over seven years ago), but that's another 'nother story. Since he's been coming up here his family has grown, and we got to hear a little bit about his son Scott. It was good to see him again.

"You always have something to show me," he said, as Andrew led him over to see the snake.

We're wary of rattlesnakes and keep our distance, but not Mike. Without a word, he leaned over and picked it up.

As you can see, Mike and the snake got along fine.

After he let it go, it slid off into a hole after the other one.

Once the excitement died down, he unloaded the truck, and we waved goodbye till next time.


  1. What?!!! A rattle snake? Is he a snake charmer? I can feel the good karma emanating from this story...

  2. Okay, I should clarify, although Andrew would rather I turned out not to be a rattlesnake. Mike thought it was a garter snake.

  3. Sarah7:40 AM

    Huh, I thought garter snakes had stripes, not DIAMONDS! But it could be a gopher snake?

  4. Great story Dori. I came to check the fire pics and I stayed for a few great reads! Say hi to that fabulous fountaineer of yous, and good luck with the lavendar.


  5. Cool! Thanks Mike. We were wondering if you ever saw this. Hope all is well!