Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wayward Bluejay

Today I was working in my office and was jolted out of my seat by a great cacaphony of flapping and skittering in the mudroom just outside my door. I yanked open the door to find Mooka, a blue jay, and a little brown bird bouncing off every window, wall, door, and the floor.

Before I could even holler for Andrew to come help, the little brown bird found his way out the open door and flew off, visibly relieved. Mooka, her ears akimbo, had obviously been mid-nap when the invasion occurred, and looked bewildered. The blue jay had become trapped between a window and an open door.

I shouted for Andrew who was in the barn working on a plumbing project.

"A blue jay? Eh." he responded. They're not the favored bird since they are known to eat hummingbird eggs (besides being loud and obnoxious).

After the blue jay flapped around a little more, Andrew finally decided to come rescue him.

I think he enjoyed it after all.

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