Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grout day

I know, it does seem like posts are disappearing and reappearing mysteriously around here. I can explain. We have a really good reason for all this. We decided to start using our real names. Stage fright? Perhaps. Sorry for any confusion this might be causing your brain. We should be back to normal soon.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures from the day when Mario grouted the shower. The color we chose is called Sand Dune.

Up next... grout sealing! And then finish plumbing! Okay, maybe not.


  1. Looking good! It reminds me of deep sea diving and buried treasure.

  2. Thanks! That's exactly the feeling we were trying to get!

  3. Gooc job. Does hire out?

  4. Slammy7:30 PM

    I have some bad news. I know you worked hard but... You are going to have to give that shower to me.
    You can hall it out with a tracktor, and bring it over. I'm sorry. I know it's hard to accept.

  5. I'm working on hiring him out janeywan, but it's hard to tear him away from his beloved ranch.

    Slammy, if I could send showers to people, you'd be at the top of the list. But with shipping and fuel costs what they are these days, you're lighter, have to come to the shower. Besides, a tractor would wreck it and you know it!