Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Loitering with lizards

It has been in the 80's, which means the reptiles are hauling out on every available warm surface. You have to be careful where you walk, for that includes rattlesnakes. I won't even go into the time I barely missed stepping on a baby rattlesnake in flip flops. Come on, you know that's not what I meant. Rattlesnakes don't wear flip flops.

Yesterday I was sitting in the sun on the back steps taking a break, looked over and saw this fellow was sitting next to me.

Lounging around with lizards...they are not the best conversationalists in the world, but are pleasant company nonetheless.

1 comment:

  1. We have those little guys around here in the summer. Don't think they've thawed out yet. I had one as a pet, his name was Harley. I call them all Harleys.

    I took a photo of a much decomposed gopher while in denver. Don't think your readers would appreciate.

    Hopefully SRC will be adding to his lonely 1.