Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gopher Derby Announcements updated

Popsey trapped gopher number 30 today! When I went to take the picture, he set it like this on a bike wheel. I made some weak attempts to come up with an explanation for why, but failed.

Also in Gopher Derby news, a new participant has just scored his first for the derby. SRC, husband of our blogging buddy Janet at Life in Westcliffe, successfully used the "shotgun method." They didn't send a picture, which is fortunate for us it sounds like.* Welcome SRC and keep at it! Send pictures if you end up with any whole ones.

The derby slowed down a little in the last month or so. The gophers seem to have figured it out and have started breeding like mad again. Leaves are turning brown on the sycamore tree we planted last year. I went to give it some extra water and found two gopher holes inside the wire basket, inside the ring of fencing that surrounds it. Darn those gophers.

The Gopher Derby must go on!

*If you are strong of stomach, check the comments section for a link to SRC's dead gopher photo.


  1. Well just in case someone really wants to see the poor thing. Not safe for small children and those weak of heart. lol


    Here's the whole link sorry. I little decomposed.