Friday, April 06, 2007

The Thinking Blogger Award

The lovely Janet, our blogging buddy of the blog Life in Westcliffe, chose us for a “meme” called the Thinking Blogger award. This is what she wrote:

“My fourth choice, Ranch Journal, is a new BB [blogger buddy] for me that I have only been reading for a short time but we have quite a few things in common. The biggest is our mission to eradicate the mole population. I have never heard of such an intense mission than to get rid of these awful and destructive pests. I can't think of one good purpose for them in the ecosphere. Popsey her husband is the bomb at doing his part in elimination. Go Popsey!”

Okay, so Popsey gets all the credit, but since he’s trapped 22 gophers, which is having a profound effect on the success of our garden, I can accept that. Thanks Janet!

The meme aspect of this award means that now we are to choose five more blogs for the award. It was a little hard for me to whittle it down to five choices. My favorite blogs are listed in the Recommended Reading section in the sidebar, but most of those are already very well-known. From what I gather, the point of this award is to choose lesser-known blogs (such as this one) that a gazillion people might not already know about.

So, without further ado, here are my selections (Popsey doesn’t read blogs very much, so I’m taking over on this one):

1. Tiny Dog. She and I worked together long ago at the UCSC college office, in the old days before Al Gore ever invented the internet. We had no such thing as blogging and emailing to distract us from the tedium of our jobs, so were forced to amuse ourselves by entertaining each other. Fortunately, she is very amusing. Her writing is always thought-provoking and hilarious, so she is bestowed the Thinking Blogger Award. Maybe this will motivate her to update her blog, which has been a little sparse lately.

2. katieallisongranju
Her blog keeps me coming back. She presents a good debate about a variety of topics.

3. Angela’s NorCal Garden Blog
Stumbled upon this blog awhile ago and found she had written a post about one of our favorite local nurserys. If you like gardening in Northern California, this is worth checking out.

4. Karen Shanley: Author Mom with Dogs
Karen has a dog who looks like Mooka, likes taking pictures of her pets doing weird things, is an admirable writer, and even has a Canon Powershot camera like mine (though hers is a newer model). I like her blog.

5. Mom Go Green
This is a new blog, and already it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one who worries about these things. I hope she continues it.

There are so many more blogs out there I could recommend, but that is enough for now.

Except, I can’t let you live one minute longer without insisting that you check out one last site: It is listed in the sidebar, but that does not do it justice.

After our CD player conked out, it was time to make a change. I bought some mid-range Bose speakers (which I'm very satisfied with) to hook up to the computer, and started exploring the options out there on the net. I’m on a Mac, so that limits us. After discovering Pandora, my search is over. To read what it’s about click on the Music Genome Project. These people are my heroes.

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  1. wow, how on earth did I live without it? For real how did I?

    Thanks for playing the thinking meme I had 49 hits today and the days not over yet. Bet SRC is glad I had his arse up there for everyone to look at. lol

    Added two more blogs you mentioned in post to my google reader, up to about 70 and I've got to quit. Pretty soon I never leave my recliner.

    Had a great day in the mountains I'll post about soon.