Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another day at the beach

It was another beautiful day at the beach, but this time it didn’t go as well.

Mooka tried joining in on a game of fetch with the only other dog on the beach, a Queensland Heeler. She was doing a little too well and out-performing the other dog. He got mad and bit her on the leg. Our beach visit was abruptly ended. We took her to the vet, and they gave her a rabies booster and put her on antibiotics. It’s been a few days, and she seems to be healing well.

On the day it happened she was limping quite a bit, so we were trying to keep her off her feet—no small task considering her abundant energy levels. Popsey set her up in her bed in the patio chair so he could roll her down to visit the tree guy (she adores him), who showed up to do some work.

Normally she would not tolerate this kind of thing for two seconds before jumping out.

Her Moo-ness, getting wheeled about in her chariot:


  1. That last picture is the most hilarious ever! I hope her Moo-ness is feeling better.

  2. What a dog will do for attention. Hope Mook-ness heals soon.

  3. Oh your Mook and my Kiera look like they could be sisters! What a beautiful girl.

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