Friday, February 02, 2007

More information on the 2007 Gopher Derby

I am resisting pressure from my partner here at the ranch, who is becoming increasingly fanatical about the gopher fishing derby. At the time of this writing he is out checking his traps, a more and more frequent activity. If he had his way, we would be posting a picture of him holding aloft each and every catch. He asked me to turn on the date/time stamp on my camera. He would also like the gopher derby scores in the sidebar significantly enlarged and wants the text color red. Fortunately, my blog design skills have prevented that from happening. I recommended he can start his own blog solely devoted to all things gopher, but considering his lack of computer skills that is very unlikely to happen either.

The following picture was taken at night, and I forgot to turn on the flash, but I lightened it in Photoshop. It seemed worth posting for that gleam in Mooka's eye at the bottom right corner. That expresses the enthusiasm certain ones of us around here feel for their newfound hobby:

We welcome you to join us in the 2007 Gopher Derby. Send your stats to anytime before January 2008. We'll post pictures upon request, though only one per person please. I don’t want to drive away too many gopher lovers.

We could only think of one rule, and that is no poison. This is an organic Gopher Derby.

Thanks in advance for your participation, and for helping rid the gardens of the world of rogue gophers. We trust you to use your judgment regarding the definition of "rogue gophers." My definition is they eat more than their share of special plants, gnaw straight through tree trunks, and if they see you, they hiss and bare their teeth.

Good luck!

Meanwhile, we’ll be moving on to a more tasteful subject soon…cooking! (And gophers are not on the menu...yet).


  1. You go Popsey!! Where did you get the black traps? Got to get us some of those. Those big jaw trap kind never worked for us.

  2. We get them at the local hardware store, but here's a place online you can get them.

    We had some of the jaw trap kinds too (the brand was Macabee) and they don't seem to work as well. Plus, they're ickier.

    Popsey had a slow day today on the traps, but he's trying a special "moonbeam" method tonight. We'll see how that goes!

  3. Wow does he hire out?? He's up to nine. Headed to that site after i post.

  4. Hey my son is now trying to shoot them gophers with blow darts.
    Feel free to post the picture I sent you if you still have it. If not I'll send it to you again.