Monday, February 05, 2007

The Moonbeam Method

Just calling it “dirt fishing” has given Popsey a new perspective and passion for hunting gophers. In years past, when he was salmon fishing avidly, he was drawn to the sport for the mystery of what lies beneath the ocean’s surface. He would imagine and visualize what was happening down there. He became convinced that certain methods were superior, especially mooching. He would make his own jigs using green gummy line and orange beads to simulate salmon eggs, and use red Gamakatsu octopus hooks (they also make samurai swords). He refuses to divulge some facts to this day, for instance, the length of his leaders, which were always way too long and created chaos for his buddies who were trying to net his fish.

He has found similar techniques for visualizing below the surface apply for trapping gophers. He had success with the first try of his invention, The Moonbeam Method, and last night he caught two more the same way. Despite how it sounds, this is not a technique for gopher contraception. The method can be used on a full, or nearly full moon night. It may be that gophers are more active on full moon nights, or it may be his invention just works really well. We’re not sure. He is also experimenting with a sunbeam variation.

Here is a picture of the set up:

The part you can’t see is the Black Box gopher trap in the hole. Over the hole, he’s placed an upside down planter. He believes the more colorful the planter the better. On top of the hole in the bottom of the planter, he has added a glass insulator. These are from older power poles, and can be purchased through flea markets and other serendipitous shopping destinations.

To substitute for the insulator if you don’t have one, he recommends a beer bottle. He also suggests experimenting with some liquid (even backwash) in the bottle.

If you have any novel approaches or tips for trapping, we welcome your contributions.

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