Wednesday, November 01, 2006

For your listening pleasure

Our beekeeper, Charlie Nothing, just returned from a successful European tour. In case you missed my previous post about him, in addition to beekeeping, he is a writer and musician who invented an instrument called the dingulator, made out of old cars. Until recently we hadn’t heard any dingulation firsthand, but I’m now pleased to introduce you to one of his songs. (Once you hit “continue” and the album starts playing, hit the “skip” button until you get to the Charlie Nothing song—or listen to the whole album if you want).

You might want to listen when minors, co-workers, or easily-offended religious people are not present—there is some rather strong language. This is an anthology of protest songs, and he describes his song as a “protest of protest songs."

The lyrics have the power to work themselves into your everyday language. For example, we’ve found the line “Poop on your politics” eminently useful and flexible by replacing the last word or two to fit the situation at hand.

In other bee news, he has been adding more hives to our collection. The day he moved the most recent batch of hives was really hot, so after they arrived the bees came out to cool off on their front porch, kindly posing in a heart shape (they must have seen my camera):

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