Monday, July 10, 2006

Bee very afraid

Have a bit of a yellowjacket problem. One of their most prominent nests was in a wood shed near the cabin. Not wanting to take it on ourselves, we summoned “the Bee Guy”, who we’d bought marbles from at the flea market before. He came at 6 a.m. one morning, and launched a sneak attack while the wasps were allegedly still snoozing. He donned the white suit, and came at them with a long-handled net and plastic garbage bags. We hid in the house and watched through the windows. There were a lot of phwapp phwapp noises, and back and forths to the van, and soon, the job was done. Basically, he explained later, he grabbed them with the plastic bags. He told us it was a difficult job, because the bees were waking up early and aggressive. Like us.

We discovered that after toiling by day as the Bee Guy and seller of marbles, musical instruments, and other items at the flea market, by night he becomes Charlie Nothing, musician and inventor of the Dingulator, as well as writer of numerous books in a range of topics:

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