Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cone of Silence

This past season was not without some adversity. Mooka suffered from the foot infection from hell, and had to wear the "Cone of Silence" for over two weeks. She was a great sport as usual, though was not happy. It was a relief when she started getting her bearings about where the cone ended, because the repeated rammings with the cone as she walked by were rendering bruises on any unsuspecting human legs.

The vet diagnosed it as a yeast infection! That was quite a surprise. Well, us gals know how miserable that can be--and dogs are not prescribed Monostat 7, 3 or even 1, we further learned. Perhaps that's a good thing. After due courses of antibiotics and antihistimines, she recovered and finally stopped obsessing on her paw.

Fun Recipe from the Ranch:

Easy Cheesy Dog Antibiotic Poppers

1 spoonful whipped-style cream cheese
1 tablet or capsule-stype antibiotic or antihistimine (per vet insructions)

Mold cream cheese around pill to completely cover surface. Eat immediately.

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