Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bye Bye Burn Season

Here is one of our last burns of the season (with neighbor Bill doing some sort of ritual dance). Burn season ended May 15. After that the weather dried out, so the only fires allowed are "warming fires". Seeing how boiling hot it is though, it looks like we're putting the marshmallows at the back of the pantry till next year.

It was an all-time burn season for us though. Our goals of reducing the dead vegetation from 50 years of neglect are finally coming to fruition. We ran out of time there at the end, because we had a bunch of dead trees cut up and ready to burn, and weren't able to burn everything we wanted. For now we're able to drive in up top through a neighbor's property and fill the back of the truck, and take it to green waste. That's a big job though.

Oh, just a little green waste...

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