Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cat Habitat

You will never imagine what has become of the porthole in our bedroom.

For the last few weeks the cat has been expressing her desire to go outside every night, loudly, from 2-4 in the morning. We insist she stay inside at night, safe from coyotes and other predators, but she doesn't know or care about that. It has been a war of wills, resulting in many sleepless nights, which is very unfair considering she's nocturnal.

This situation led to the creation of an enclosed outdoor cat domain. 
The porthole is next to our bed, so if she wakes us up meowing in the middle of the night, shooooomp, out the porthole she goes. She lands on a chair on the front porch, and can climb down to the floor.
It will probably get tinkered with if it helps resolve the problem. Obviously, it’s not a permanent fixture at this point, or the most beautiful thing to look at, but sleep is precious to us. We’re desperate. 

Last night was our first night with it, and for whatever reason, Frieda was completely silent. 


  1. Brilliant! We have the same problem, cats can't stay put all night, they hear the call of the wild, or nature. Frieda is looking very healthy.

  2. I like the porthole sound effect.

  3. It was great while it lasted, but we took it down. It was just too ugly to keep. For some reason that only cats can explain, Frieda abruptly stopped the meowing after her first indoor-outdoor nighttime experience. YAY!