Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Backyard Bash round-up

Andrew's sister Tiger's new band played at a party in their backyard a couple weekends ago. We went! They were great.

Tim, the pirate, surrounded by adoring young fans...

Andrew hamming it up in Travis' guy-lair.

Nieces Emma and Chloe, caught in the act of pillaging the food table...

Andrew probably talking "ranch" with Travis' dad.

Next band, the Fourfits..

And for your listening pleasure, some Neighborhood Sinners, live:

Thanks Priors for a great day!


  1. omg! Slammy wearing makeup!
    My favorite picture is of Emma and Chloe, the snack thieves. The glee! Makes me miss you all.
    Next gig, JJ's pizza?

  2. JJ's Pizza??!! Is he over the JJ's Yum Yum's bakery idea?
    That picture of the snack thieves is my favorite too. You and the J's were/are missed.

  3. mimimom4:26 PM

    Thanks for posting the pics Dori! Those were fun to see. The brief encounter with Slammy was great albeit too short!

  4. JJ's Pizza was a place on the corner of 38th and Portola where bands played in the late 70's.;)

    Thanks for posting this Dori!