Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flying the Duck

Andrew is experimenting with a new mode of transportation. He thinks if he gets enough of these guys together, at the least it could save some wear and tear on his new hips.


  1. You've been gone a long time. Welcome back, I've been having a slow posting month myself.
    New hips? For real? Hope he's getting along ok, relying on ducks for transportation wouldn't be fun. :)

  2. I see he's equipped with safety goggles, good move. You never know what might come flying back at you, when traveling with ducks.

  3. HI Janet! I have no good excuse for the long absence (but lots of bad ones). Yes, he got his replaced a few years ago. He's doing really well with them. Says they feel like rollerskates. It's so great!

    That's a good point Gnome. Ewww. He might need some windshield wipers on those safety glasses. Heavy duty ones.

  4. Karen3:40 PM

    Is he teaching the duck to fly? We have two geese that don't fly, probably becuase there were no "parents" around to teach them!

  5. The duck can fly a little bit. He can jump out of your arms and fly to the ground (which is what he was doing here), or if he gets some speed up he can lift a few feet off the ground. The goose is about the same.