Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Striking Resemblance

Lately Andrew has been delving into the history of his ancestors. Then the new issue of National Geographic arrived, and I couldn't help but notice a similarity between his appearance and that of the Neanderthal pictured on the cover. Who knew the Ward family went back so far?

This does explain a lot: his love of fishing, being outside in nature, his unusually large lung capacity, and what some might describe as (and I quote from the article) "a fundamentally archaic lifestyle."

Strangely, this is not even the first time a cover of National Geographic has resembled a member of our family. I'm a little worried about what they'll come up with next.


Do you know someone who looks more like this Neanderthal? You are invited enter the Ranch Journal's first ever Neanderthal Challenge! Send a photo of your chosen contender to the contact link to your right. I will post the best entries (that is the fabulous prize).
Bad or obvious Photoshopping will be disqualified.


  1. I found your blog during a search for mosaics.

    This post is just too funny! It really is an uncanny resemblance. I'm afraid I resemble those woman in National Geographic with the breasts that hang to their waist but I AIN'T sending a pic of THAT!

  2. (Yay! You're back!) No way. I got that issue yesterday and loved the cover, but Andrew is way prettier than that guy. I like the challenge, I'll see if we can top your effort, we have a couple Neanderthals around here.

  3. You'll probably figure this out eventually. After I stopped laughing so hard and could read again, I read the magazine, and realized that Neanderthal is a WOMAN! I almost didn't tell Andrew, because I didn't want him to make me take it down. Luckily, he had a good sense of humor about it. Just thought I'd warn you though. Not sure if your female Neanderthals can top this. But the contest is still open for either gender!

  4. Anonymous6:02 PM

    It''s a woman? THAT PICTURE IS OF A WOMAN??? Wow.

  5. Anonymous10:30 AM

    That explains those hands!! :)