Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eight over Eighty, and other ramblings

On our agenda today, unless the storm makes the roads impassable, is the sneak preview event for the Eight over Eighty art exhibit—eight artists over 80 years old.

There is a possibility we are leaving the mountain. Alert the media.

Several of the artists in the show are old family friends and mentors of Popsey's, including Manuel Santana and Al Johnson (they must have websites, but they are eluding me at the moment). I could wax on endlessly about them, but the linked article will give you a much better insight into the hilarious and irreverant Manny at least.

I'm looking forward to seeing them, and the other people who will be there, and of course holding out hope (slim as it is) that it leads to dinner at Manuel's restaurant afterward, my favorite Mexican food restaurant on the planet.

But it is storming quite a bit, so you never know. The power was out for at least a few hours last night leading to the morning disoriention of blinking digital clocks.

After a power outage, no longer able to call "Time" to get re-oriented, one has to turn on a computer or fumble around in the dark for a battery-operated clock to figure out what time it is. Am I the only one who is disturbed by this? I am grateful to have electricity, don't get me wrong, but it does bother me somewhat that now the government won't even give you the time of day if you call. You have to have a computer. I guess it's all just changing technology, and I'll get used to it.

Regardless, we were awakened without need for alarm clocks, as we are every morning, by Mooka's "belly clock," which does not require electricity or batteries (it may be partially solar though), and is accurate to the minute. It can't be completely relied upon though because of its absolute disregard (or even belief in) the concept of daylight savings time, a sentiment with which I happen to agree.


  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Oh, the "belly clock"! Got three of those here. They never let me make it past 5am. Hope you got to enjoy the show and will be able to share some pics.

  2. Bad me! I didn't even bring my camera. It is a great show though. What an amazing group of artists.

    The event was to celebrate the beautiful catalog they released for the show, which exceeded everyone's wildest expectations. It turned into more of a book with biographies and photos from the artists' lives.