Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wedding Preparations

If you think I'm not posting much these days, you'd be right, and I won't be for the next four days either because I'm going to visit my family for the weekend.

But I'm eager to start posting photos from the wedding, and will do a little at a time over the next few weeks.

Today we have the preparations and day-before activities.

This is our version of a wedding rehearsal. M&J posed for photos in the chosen spot. When I told them they looked like they were about to start square dancing, they wasted no time and busted into a well-executed dosey do:

The catering team, Cara's Kitchen, live here on the property in the cabin. They grilled vegetables the night before on the fire pit. Neither of us had a working regular barbeque at the time, so this was the solution. It was fun, but challenging getting the fire just right. There were a huge amount of vegetables to grill, so really we needed to have about 8 barbeques going to accomplish all that was planned, but in the end they were able to make more than enough.

The chairs were delivered and set up the night before. The marrying couple had a whole team of out-of-town houseguests staying with them, and they all helped with the set-up.

We move on now to the morning of the wedding, which was scheduled to begin at 11.

Popsey must have an art project for every occasion, so assigned himself the task of making corsages with the wild azaleas that grow in the wet areas on our hill. This was the perfect job for him, because it required going around and charming every female guest one at a time—pure torture for him.

The cabin kitchen was a-bustle with chopping noises, the smell of quiches baking, and the sound of vegetables being assembled on platters (a deafening roar).

The bride is a vegetarian, so the meal was vegetable-centric. But I happened to be on the scene when they were planning the food, and by coincidence, Corralitos Cheesy Bavarian sausages, one of my favorite meat products, made it onto the menu. Funny how that worked.

We redid the cabinets and tile in the cabin about four years ago, and at the time I was bemoaning the fact that plumbing issues prevented us from achieving the most-desirable "triangle" kitchen configuration. Now we have an actual chef living there, and she likes it! She says the long counter on one side works well as a prep counter. So, all is not lost after all.

From here on out there will be pictures of the actual week. Until then, Happy Father's Day and have a great weekend!

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  1. Popsey did a great job on the corsages and the food looks delicious. Great job. The happy couple had to be thrilled.