Sunday, April 15, 2007

Who is hiding in this photo?

They are very well camouflaged. In case you can't see them:

and if you still can't see them, we'll zoom in:

Two baby hummingbirds.

We found their nest about a month ago while hiking in the woods. It's in a low branch near eye level. When we got close to it the mother hummingbird swooped down and chirped at us. Right away Popsey figured out we must be near a nest. We held still and watched and the mother flew into a tree and landed. Looking closely we could see her sitting in the nest. It's about the size of a little, Chinese teacup, and looks like a large knob in the branch.

Almost every day we go up there to check on it, but we try not to get too close. There are many predators who prey on hummingbird nests, like crows and blue jays, and we don't want to give them away. We stay at least six feet away, and kind of look another direction and sneak peeks at them peripherally.

About a week ago I went up there and the mother was gone, and there were two tiny beaks poking out. They freeze up when we get near, and the only movement we can detect is their blinking eyes. I wonder if the mom can even fit in the nest with them anymore.

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  1. What a treat for you and us readers too!

    Haven't seen a hummer yet this year. Soon time to put out the feeders. Probably this next week, still would need to bring it in each night and not sure I'm that dedicated.