Friday, March 09, 2007

Back in the hunt

Popsey took some time off from gopher trapping, but he's climbed back up on the horse. He bagged number 15 16 today for the year, and (he'd like me to add) he's not stopping.

Here's a tip: he's learned that it helps to keep moving your traps around. If you leave them in one place for a couple days and don't catch anything, you probably never will. Better to pull them up and try a new spot. If you're going to catch one in a spot, it will probably happen in the first 12–24 hours.


  1. That photo is very reminiscent of the one I sent you.
    Tell ole' popsey how jealous I am.
    I see if I can't bag one while I'm in Denver this coming week.

  2. Yes, he did love that picture you sent. He took the gopher out of the trap so he could hold it up by the tail like that especially for the photo. Good luck in Denver. Hope it's better than your last trip. Say your prayers, Denver gophers!