Monday, February 26, 2007

Mooka's least favorite song

Lately we’ve been watching the first episodes of Lost, and Mooka has not seemed distressed one bit by hysterical screaming, moaning in pain, severed limbs, planes crashing, monsters eating people, people getting sucked into propellers, music of impending doom…it’s all fine.

I was a little concerned she would be upset by it, because although she is very easygoing, she is sensitive. She will bark at unfamiliar objects in the yard, like a box, or a bucket covered in a tarp. The little neatnik forces us to keep the yard cleaned up. We call her “Care bear” because every time I cough or sneeze she hurries over to comfort me. (Popsey coughs and sneezes a lot more often, so she seems to have given up on comforting him.)

I’m a huge fan of Jim Henson, and loved the Muppet Show when I was young. Popsey on the other hand, due to slight generational differences, had never known the joys of the Muppet Show. I rented the first DVD to show him, and we watched it last night. He laughed a lot, especially at Miss Piggy, but overall felt like it was one of those things that would appeal more to the younger crowd.

But apparently, much more than watching dismembered humans screaming and getting tossed around, to Mooka this performance is extremely disturbing:

She does not like Animal’s singing voice. She had no problem with the pink guys, but she barked every time Animal opened his mouth throughout the whole song. Once it was over, she continued barking at something we couldn’t see in the kitchen, perhaps a clump of fur rolling around on the floor. I worried we’d caused her permanent brain damage, but she wound down eventually.


  1. I showed that video to my students last year and that song is still a favorite. All the kids sang along (and kept singing it for days and days).
    I will pass on the that Mooka doesn't like Animal's voice to the Henson family (yes I know a couple of them.)

  2. Wow! Please assure them that others of us still love Animal very much, even if he scares the bejeezus out of Mooka. He is the most awesome muppet ever. I notice he doesn't wear his chains in that number like he usually does, so maybe Mooka is right to bark at him. Oh, and please kiss the Hensons' toes for me.