Thursday, October 26, 2006

So, how’s your plenum?

Mine’s fine…now that I have one. Whatever it is. Heater installers discuss them a lot. It’s pretty important. I hope you all have a functioning plenum too. It can be chilly without one, that’s for sure.

Changing the subject, Halloween is coming, and we are actually doing something (this is unusual for us). We were invited to a party where we have to not only wear a costume, but bring a “spooky dish”.

Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays in childhood. Candy, parties, going out at night—who needs presents? I thought it would always be this way. But, after a few decades the excitement has worn thin. I can’t quite remember what’s so great about dressing up in costumes. I habitually wait until the last minute and it becomes stressful rather than fun. I’ve never been one to wear those sexy cleavage-baring costumes (for obvious reasons). I was heartened to read that I'm not the only one who feels this way. I usually end up making myself as ugly as possible. This is fine if you're in a strong relationship or marriage, but if you're looking to "hook up", this costume style will render your night a complete waste of time.

So, if you have any ideas for a good costume that doesn’t require shopping, sewing, owning a lot of weird clothes, heavy makeup, trying to look sexy, trying to look ugly, can be created last minute, appropriate for a married gal who’s not trying to look like a hussy but would rather not make children cry just the same…please send ‘em over!

As for the “spooky dish”, that’s an assignment I can get into. I googled the subject, and came up with lots of ideas. Favorites from that search were the cat-box cake (buy a new cat litter box and shovel, and make a cake in the pan—I’m not sure how that works with a plastic pan in the oven though. It tells you how to make a grainy texture on the top, and you make fake poos and everything, and you serve it with the specially-purchased shovel) and the “bad fish bowl” in which you make dirty-colored fish water out of jello in a real fish bowl, and float rubber fish on top on their sides, and maybe put in some skeletons or something. Of course there’s always the old stand-by’s like peeled grapes for eyeballs. But these ideas have been done before, and I'd hate to show up with a cat box cake and find someone else made one too. Besides, I like these people. So, I’ve come up with the idea, but it’s top secret. I don’t want to tell until I’m sure I can pull it off effectively. Stay tuned for the photographic play-by-play coming soon.

Hmmm. I wonder what a plenum costume would look like.

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