Thursday, October 19, 2006

Set Backs/Come Backs

by Popsey

My new hips have already become very near and dear to me. Although they are inanimate (un-animal) they are like my buddies. They seem to know everything I know, and go everywhere I go—in such a short time. It’s been a year now…

These new prosthetic hips are quick learners. For instance, they came out of the box knowing how to dance. I didn’t mean to, but my first day post-op on #2 hip, I did an Elvis (hip swivel) for Dori to demonstrate how well they worked. I worried about the ramifications from that move for several days, but so far none have manifested.

When I walk it feels like I’m on ball bearings it’s so smooth. (Note: this is obviously an exaggeration based on way post-op euphoria). But no kidding, it feels like I’m ice skating when I walk now. My Doctor, Dr. Wainer, and his assistant Mike, told me they could fix my hips, but honestly, I had my doubts. Now I am a believer in this kind of surgery. But it is not for the weak of heart. It is hard work for the doctors and the patient. For me it has caused a burst of productivity unsurpassed in my experiences until now. What a gift. Thank you Dr. Wainer. Thanks Dori for taking care of me when I was down.
[and typing my blog posts for me?—D]

New dancing hips in action.

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    Andrew is the real one who brought sexyback.