Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Fun time for the Mooka-lator

There are "merle" and "tri-color" Australian Shepherds. Mooka is a tri-color. She'll try any color! Here she is trying out a solid earthy brown:

The only thing she loves more than attacking sprinklers (especially if they make really loud spraying noises), is rolling in dirt. After this her plan was to do her 3rd favorite thing...jump in our bed for some cuddling.


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Ok, eew.

  2. I hate to say this but Mooka looks like a digiwolf when she is caked in dirt.

  3. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Forget the hearth, there is another ugly thing to be fixed asap.

  4. I see the resemblance to a digiwolf. Only they don't look like they're into licking as much as her. And her lips don't do that snarly thing (which is nice).