Friday, August 11, 2006

Anyone have a spare toothbrush?

Many momentous things have happened this week, not the least being Pops’ mileage creaking past the half century mark, but I do need to address something of vital importance. Regarding my past glib commentary about the folly of needing to live in close proximity to a store…I was so naïve.

That was all before…before I fumbled my toothbrush last night and it fell into the cat’s water which contained a winged creature floating on the surface…before I went to retrieve it and knocked it further into the nebulous area that’s kind of hard to clean behind the commode…before earlier yesterday when I spent an hour wandering the aisles of Longs drugstore when I supposed to be working, and even looked at, but neglected to buy, a toothbrush, because a dentist appointment was coming soon enough and I would then get one for free. What a fool I am.

Now I ponder my choices: waste ever more time and drive to town at some point today just for the sake of oral hygiene; or order $50 worth of groceries I don’t urgently need delivered from Safeway (and thank the lord they deliver today, and that this didn’t happen on a weekend).

Meanwhile, it's the finger-brushing method.


  1. I read once that Kurt Cobain didn't ever brush his teeth and only ate apples by way of substitute and all the cool rock and roll people said it worked and he didn't have bad breath.

    Food for thought next time you drop your toothbrush near commodes...

  2. That is kind of disgusting, but a good tip. I wonder what his dentist thought about that, though sounds like he probably didn't have one. I would be interested in seeing what the autopsy said about the condition of his teeth. It may be that people will put up with a lot more out of famous babe rockstars than from us average Josephine's.