Friday, February 25, 2011


Last Saturday we had our first snow storm in a long time. Here are some photos from mid-flurry. It didn't stick around on the ground very long. 

Of course, much of the country is covered in snow right now, but where we live it's rare, so we get more excited about it.

I love how quiet and peaceful it is when it snows. After awhile it turned into rain, and the snow storm was over. 

As I write this post, it started snowing again. Will it stick on the ground until morning? Who knows? Snowcones anyone?

Andrew's Cali Snowcones

Place tumbler outside before snowstorm

Combine and blend:
• three kiwis 
• handful of frozen ollalieberries 

Pour over snow

Add a squeeze of lemon 
Drizzle with agave nectar to taste

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  1. Hey look at that! I hope it stuck to the ground for a while and Mooka got to play in it.