Monday, November 02, 2009

Abolish Daylight Savings

by Andrew

When we were younger, time didn’t matter so much. We went where we wanted, when we wanted, free as birds in the wind. Surfing, sailing, dancing, beach…

Now we’re older and set in our ways. I didn’t mind the time change so much back then (although I resisted it by maintaining my schedule as much as possible). But now I do.

It goes against my grain. I get up early. Now I get up really early, whether I want to or not. This is ridiculous. I’m waiting for it to get light as I write this.

Even my dog, Mooka, starts pacing and jumping in bed with us at 5:00 a.m. now, instead of her usual 6:00 wake-up time.

Something has to be done.

I think Daylight Savings Time should be abolished. Let’s keep it the same all year long. Dori votes for a compromise, right down the middle. This sounds good to me.

Could somebody please Twitter President Obama about this?

If we act now, maybe we can avoid rebooting next Spring.


  1. Our dogs don't understand the time change either!

  2. I agree. Spring forward, fall back, what's the purpose, confusion? The people in my house like fall back because they get to sleep later, and they are always wanting more sleep, but spring forward is not welcomed. I heard about a study which showed it's a total waste of time, (ha ha)and does nothing to increase productivity.